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Jenny Doe

Arun PuranikHead-Administration, Reliance Energy

We have out carried out heat proof treatment with COOL TREE. We have measured difference of 10 to 15 degree views surface of our building roofs and insullations.

John Doe

Educational Institute of dental sciences

COOL TREE re-radiating coating applied on the roofing has resulted in substancial reduction in temperature within the quarters, the treatment appears to be effective.

Jarvis Doe

Department of Chemical OceanographyHOD, Cochin University of Science and Technology

We have analysed the COOL TREE sample for our chemical composition, the product contained the salts of Megnesium, Calcium, Titanium, sodium and potassium only. We therefore certify that the material is not harmful to Human beings.

Cyra Doe

G.MenonGeneral Manager, Methscott

The Paint COOL TREE has been used by us and formed that the heat rejection factor on concreat stands to 98.76% and on metal sheet 98%. Subsequent power saving is recorded to 28% in the AC units.Recommended to use any surface other than oily to re-radiate and avoid the solar heat gain.