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Terrazzo Flooring

Designs and materials cycle in and out of popularity and terrazzo flooring is back in the spotlight for many of today’s designers. Flecks of color and a mottled look —not to mention amazing durability — make terrazzo popular for homes as well as commercial buildings. The history of the material goes back centuries but new colors and changes in production are making it a modern material that is in demand, ideal for minimalist interiors.

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Terrazzo is Durable

Floors done with terrazzo — which is also comparatively light — are about as durable as they come. That’s why you’ll find the material in many commercial spaces. The stone or glass chips are mixed into a concrete or resin base that is stronger than any other flooring option. Yes, they can still chip – although it’s hard to do – but the repair of a terrazzo floor is not expensive. Besides, the appearance of a terrazzo floor camouflages any minor chips or scratches if they do occur. If the terrazzo floor was not properly installed, cracks can form and these are much more costly to

Terrazzo is the Epitome of Customization Because the spectrum of colors nearly limitless, you really can achieve a one-of-a-kind floor with terrazzo. Go neutral, go bright – it’s entirely up to personal preference. Also, because it is poured into place, you can easily create custom designs. Also be molded into tubs, countertops or sinks, or even furniture.