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Residential Villas & Apartments

  • Reduces surface temperature up to 15 degree centigrade keeps the rooms cool and comfortable for living enhances psychological well being
  • Reduces the usage of electric fan & Air conditioners saves power and reduces electricity Bills
  • Protects the buildings from thermal fatigue and prevents water leakage during monsoon
  • Provides longer durability to the buildings

Educational Complexes

A study conducted by Institute for psychological empowerment, research & training (IPERT) among school & college students states that the grasping power and concentration along with thinking ability of students drastically reduces in the afternoon hours especially in summer due to fatigue, restlessness and irritation resulted out of high room temperature.

  • Reduced room temperature balanced cpmate inside the class rooms
  • No hot air circulation from electric fans
  • Improves the quapty of teaching and learning process
  • Reduces fatigue, restlessness, dehydration & irritation


Hospital is the final place where man to meets the line of life & death. Inside atmosphere in hospitals plays a vital role in maintaining good health and healing from various life threatening situations.

  • Comfortable stay at hospitals sound sleep at night
  • Reduces heat related fatigue and dehydration
  • Provides Improves psychological well being
  • Cool water from the tanks free from the growth of coliform bacteria and other harmful micro organisms

Commercial & industrial buildings

The major concern among business men and industrialists are the alarming situations in the concerned areas due to increased electricity bills, reduced productivity of employees due to un affordable heat under the asbestos, GI , Tin roof, decay of the roofing due to rust and decomposition by way of exposure to Ultra violet rays.

  • Reduced surface temperature up to 15 degree centigrade
  • Offers cool climate inside the buildings
  • Improves labor productivity
  • Provides fatigue free working hours for employees
  • Reduces electricity bills drastically
  • Reduces usage of industrial and exhaust fans, air conditioners, there by saving power

Water storage tanks

Water is the elixir of life Water maintained in recommended temperature itself is good medicine and saver of life. Certain harmful bacteria’s start growing between 36 to 48 degree centigrade which is a threat to human life especially for babies. The storage tanks gets heated during summer and results in raising the water temperature to the above level.

  • Maintaining the lower temperature of water at all outside temperatures
  • Offers cool water irrespective of the outside climate
  • Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria’s
  • Prevents leak from the tanks
  • Protects the synthetic tanks from ultraviolet rays and there by preventing from decomposition

Irrigation Canals

All governments spend millions of rupees on drinking water and agricultural projects. Mean time from the source to destination the main concern now a days is the extensive loss of water in terms of leakage and evaporation and a solution is inevitable to save money from wastage and the precious water from loss.

  • prevent extensive leakage from canals
  • Saves millions of rupees from annual maintenance
  • Protects the drinking water from the growth of harmful bacteria’s

Passenger ships

Ships across the world is always exposed to atmospheric heat. The open deck in passenger ships gets heated during day hours and makes it untouchable.

  • Offers better durability
  • Reduced temperature offers comfortable living
  • The surface temperature gets reduced and results in power saving
  • Re- radiating the solar energy including IR & UV there by preventing the deck from solar heat and makes it convenient to walk and play even in sun light hours

Commercial Ships

Entire world depends much on commercial ships for the transport of materials. But at the same time decay and decomposition of food materials and other perishable items due to extensive heat for days to months results in huge loss of materials and money.

  • Reduced temperature inside the containers
  • Better safety for commodities
  • Improves quality of food & beverages
  • Longer durability to containers as well as goods saves electricity in air conditioned containers

Cattle and poultry farms

Animal life is equally important to human life. Cattle and poultry farms are the major revenue generators and a solution for un employment problem of villagers in developing countries. Majority of the farms use asbestos roof which absorbs all solar radiations and results in burning sensation inside the farm and even takes away the life of poor pets. Mean time asbestos pollution causes serious situation of life threatening diseases like lung cancer.

  • Environmental pollution from heated asbestos
  • Offers increased productivity provides high yield
  • Protects living beings from extensive heat and cancerous diseases